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Examples of Design

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Check out the editor of Wired Magazine talking about good design

Indesign and two-paged layouts

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Ink Magazine – theme and layout

Cellar Door – theme and layout


Changes in Journalism

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I discussed in my earlier posts, technology is changing the  way we report. To keep up with these changes, I am at MSU taking the Emerging Technologies in Journalism course. It has been overwhelming at times, but so rewarding. I have learned a great deal and have enjoyed talking about how technology is changing the way we report and receive news.

This week I have created a blog, a podcast, a narrated photo story, and now a video. We have used Delicious, Twitter, and RSS. I never would have imagined I would do all this in just four days – especially because I am not a MAC user (even though it is industry standard.) I have stumbled through my projects and have come out of this week as a journalist! I feel like I have the tools to keep  up with publishing trends and to prove it, I am allowing you to see my first video about Levi Gourdie, one of my students who also happens to be at MSU this week for debate camp.

So be kind in your criticism. This is new for me and I have the rest of my life to perfect my video editing skills.

The best part of this week is that I have learned some very useful tools to pass on to my students. I want them to share the love I have for journalism and I know my students are less resistant to technology than I am. I am sure they will jump right into blogging and alternate forms of reporting. I can hardly wait for school to start in September. O.K. – that’s an outright lie.

Click here to see my video.

What is the best way to tell a story? With so many mediums available to reporters it is hard to find just one mode of reporting news. In today’s society journalists can no longer record news in their notebooks, write a story, find a photo to support it, then send it off to print at deadline. These days journalists have to be true techies to keep on top of all the new publication trends out there.

Where students once learned about the inverted pyramid, the rule of thirds and copy editing, the boundaries of journalism are expanding. The lines that once separated broadcast news from traditional newspaper reporting have all but disappeared. Aspiring journalists need to be computer savy, they need to keep blogs, make videos and photo presentations with sound bites. Journalism is moving away from the written word to a more visual type of reporting. People are going to the Internet for their news and leaving print behind. The written word is suffering and newspapers are folding at an alarming rate.

With the Internet, journalists are finding news and sharing it immediately online through video and audio. We no longer have to wait until the next morning (after deadline) to get the news. It is now available at the click of your mouse. That’s sort of cool, I think.

Where do you go to get your news? We’re the MTV generation – we want to be entertained and we want quick, small sound bites to save us the work of reading longer articles. Still, I miss having my big paper stretched out before me on the table while drinking my morning latte. There is a lot to sift through on the Internet to get to what I am acutally looking for.

What do you think is the best way for a journalist to tell a story? Which medium to you prefer to get your news from?

Technology is rapidly changing the way we get information. It seems that people are more likely to go to the internet to find new information, facts or summaries rather than read an entire article in the paper. With blogs, Twitter and Facebook, news is traveling fast around the entire globe. Citizen journalists are “reporting news” on their blogs as quilcky as it come in. This leaves us to the GREAT JOURNALISTIC DEBATE:

What is the role of the traditional reporter in today’s technological society? What do you think a good journalist in today’s world should be able to do in order to report newsworthy stories?

Leave me a comment so we can start discussing our roles as journalists in today’s technology-advanced world. Here are some things to help you start thinking about how technology is changing the way we report.

BBC – How has Blogging Changed Journalism

Dan Rather’s Thoughts on Internet Journalism

Let's Get StartedWelcome to my blog site where we can learn together how to work toward publishing stories about our community online. This site will help you learn the basics of journalism so we can produce a quality publication that can be shared with our school and local community. We will learn about writing, design, interviewing, photojournalism, and more. Together we will produce The Compass, an online publication for West High School in Traverse City. So, let’s put on our journalism hats and work together to create a great publication.

First, let’s look at how powerful student journalism can be by watching a high school journalism student talk with a senator.