Changes in Journalism

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I discussed in my earlier posts, technology is changing the  way we report. To keep up with these changes, I am at MSU taking the Emerging Technologies in Journalism course. It has been overwhelming at times, but so rewarding. I have learned a great deal and have enjoyed talking about how technology is changing the way we report and receive news.

This week I have created a blog, a podcast, a narrated photo story, and now a video. We have used Delicious, Twitter, and RSS. I never would have imagined I would do all this in just four days – especially because I am not a MAC user (even though it is industry standard.) I have stumbled through my projects and have come out of this week as a journalist! I feel like I have the tools to keep  up with publishing trends and to prove it, I am allowing you to see my first video about Levi Gourdie, one of my students who also happens to be at MSU this week for debate camp.

So be kind in your criticism. This is new for me and I have the rest of my life to perfect my video editing skills.

The best part of this week is that I have learned some very useful tools to pass on to my students. I want them to share the love I have for journalism and I know my students are less resistant to technology than I am. I am sure they will jump right into blogging and alternate forms of reporting. I can hardly wait for school to start in September. O.K. – that’s an outright lie.

Click here to see my video.

  1. unljprof says:

    Great job on the blog. I love the look and you have interesting content too. I like the way you ended up using pages to post material on different topics. And I’m so glad you found this week’s class valuable. It was fun having you there.

  2. unljprof says:

    Kate, Thanks for your kind words about our class. You did a great job on the blog and all of the other projects as well. I am so glad to see you excited about taking these tools back to your students. Good luck!

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